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Every year we try and create new resolutions, but we often forget about the changes we can make that will also better the environment. Start 2017 the right way by implementing these green New Year’s resolutions for your Lincoln. You can reduce your carbon footprint on this planet simply by using the tips below; they’ll also help you save money by using less gas. Below are three Whiteoak tips.

1. Use Fuel Efficiently
Speeding and aggressive driving can increase the consumption of fuel you use by up to 35%. By simply slowing down and giving yourself a bit of extra time to get to your final destination you’ll witness incredible savings.

2. Idling Burns Gas
While many people start their car and let it idle for 10 minutes before leaving the driveway, it really isn’t the best way to get your car warmed up. It’s better to start driving away in your car [...]


There are some great winter destinations in Southwestern Ontario that you simply shouldn’t miss this year. Grab your jacket, your hat and your boots and take a trip in your Lincoln to one of these great winter getaways to experience all the beauty and wonder this amazing season has to offer.


Get warm and cozy at the Days of Wine and Chocolate Festival that takes place every weekend during the month of February, and enjoy the world of wine at the Icewine Festival in January. The Niagara region magically turns into a wintry wonderland for 3 weekends during January, complete with outdoor activities and culinary and wine pairings. It a beautiful place to visit when you’re ready to embrace the winter and enjoy some amazing taste delights.


When you’re driving through Elora you’ll [...]

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Snow is a beautiful part of the Canadian winter, but the extreme weather can also make the roads a dangerous place. Icy roads and low visibility cause thousands of accidents across the country every season. It’s important to be prepared and be ready for any condition. Winter-proofing your Lincoln is the best way to prepare for this winter season.

Clean Your Car
The winter season can really take a toll on any vehicle if you don’t clean and maintain your car through the winter months. The salts and chemicals that are used on roads during the winter can actually cause corrosion on certain parts of your vehicle. It’s important to continue regular car-wash routines in the winter to avoid any salt buildups.

Buy Winter Tires


Have you ever arrived at work, settled into the office, and then wondered whether or not you locked your car? What if you’re in a meeting and are unable to check for a few more hours? This happens often, and Whiteoak Lincoln has the perfect solution, MyLincoln Mobile. MyLincoln is the newest addition to the premium Lincoln experience that will give you peace of mind.

With the MyLincoln mobile app, you are able to have complete control of your Lincoln- directly from your mobile device.

Peace of Mind
With the MyLincoln app you’re able to remotely lock and unlock your car doors from anywhere. No more wondering if you have locked the car doors.

Car Locator
Traveling in a new city? Use the car locator to easily locate your vehicle on a [...]



Going on a road trip in your luxury  Lincoln vehicle is one of the best ways to experience the gorgeous Canadian weather. With autumn quickly approaching it’s important to get your vehicle tuned up and ready for the new season. Once your Lincoln has been serviced to perfection, you can enjoy the breezy autumn weather.  Below are four fun fall road trip ideas that you can easily accomplish in a weekend, from the Mississauga area.

Travelling just over 100km south of Mississauga, Niagara-on-the-Lake is an amazing option for a fast weekend getaway. The Niagara experience is different from Toronto, with rolling hills and plentiful vineyards, which offer great opportunities for  wine tasting. You can also visit the Shaw Festival, which runs until the end of October.


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Lincoln engineers continue to integrate innovative technology and futuristic designs with our vehicles. Meticulous practices and commitment to top-tier quality are among the many facets that grant Lincoln its luxury status. Our cars boast powerful engines, advanced features, and aesthetics that distinguish us from the rest. Below are some of the reasons why a Lincoln luxury vehicle is the right option for you.

Your Lincoln vehicle is built to last. Lincoln takes great pride in producing quality, reliable vehicles with striking designs and high-grade interior finishes. Materials and design choices are deliberate, resulting in a design that is purposeful yet easy on the eyes.

Building the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle has never been easier. You can customize both interior and exterior features on your brand [...]

Missisauga Lincoln Dealership

There’s no denying that fall is arriving and it’s time to give your car some added attention. Here are 10 Whiteoak Lincoln tips you can use to get your car ready for the cooler months ahead.

Check your wiper blades – Take a good look at your blades to make sure that they aren’t worn or cracked. The rubber on the blades should be flexible and be able to clear the windshield properly. If necessary, replace those worn blades with new ones. Turn on your heater – You probably haven’t turned the heat on for a while, so now is the time to test it to make sure it’s still working. You should also test the defroster systems for the rear and front windows to make sure that they are [...]


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For the ultimate combination of technology and power, look no further than the 2016 Lincoln MKZ. One of Whiteoak Lincoln’s featured vehicles, this powerful vehicle seamlessly integrates the classic elegant Lincoln style with advanced modern technology. Here is a short list of some of the many features of the 2016 MKZ:

MyLincoln Touch & SYNC

Incorporating state of the art technology into the sophisticated design of the Lincoln MKZ makes it a modern marvel. Standard in all 2016 models, SYNC is a Bluetooth-based connectivity system, which allows the ultimate convenience of voice command or hands-free control over the media system. Drivers can place calls and stream music all via voice command, and the SYNC system will read incoming texts or emails aloud- keeping your eyes on the road.

MyLincoln Touch builds upon the SYNC system, by enabling the driver to use voice [...]


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Summer is quickly approaching, and the extra hours of daylight will give you plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. Seize the opportunity to take your Lincoln on a road trip! Whiteoak Lincoln has found great destinations that you can enjoy this summer.

The Frank MacDougall Parkway (King’s Highway 60)
Enjoy the luxury of your Lincoln Navigator while cruising down the scenic Frank MacDougall Parkway. With foldable seats for extra storage and a roof rack for canoes and other large equipment, the Lincoln Navigator is perfect for your summer staycation. The trip is ideal for those in the GTA area, as it’s only a 2-hour drive north. The highway makes its way through Huntsville, Haliburton, Muskoka lakes and Algonquin Park– with lots of activities along the way such [...]

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Everyone should have a tire pressure gauge in his or her car at all times. When filling up your tires you want to make sure that you’re not overdoing it with excess pressure. An old-fashioned pen style gauge is the bare minimum when investing in a gauge; they don’t give a very accurate reading, are flimsy and can easily get stuck. Whiteoak Lincoln recommends investing in a quality air gauge– and here’s why.

Maximizing your mileage
When your tires have the right PSI your car receives better fuel savings and maximized fuel economy. Always set the PSI to the suggested levels in the owner’s manual. Not only will you see better mileage on your car, but the added fuel savings will also save you hundreds in the long run.

Prevent uneven [...]

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