Become one with twin turbocharging.

Thanks to an available twin-turbocharged 3.0L GTDI V6 engine, efficient horsepower-per-liter
output and an available AWD powertrain, the Continental is one drive you are sure to remember.

Generation CCD

A tailored ride.

Select from comfort, normal and sport driving modes and the continuously controlled damping (CCD) in the Continental will tune the chassis accordingly. It’s a remarkably intuitive conversation between car and road.

Available Second-Generation 360° Camera

Picture confidence.

A little omniscience never hurt anyone. When you have the big picture in your center stack console, making confident driving decisions becomes a lot easier. The Continental’s four exterior camera views stitch together to provide a seamless representation of your surroundings in low-speed situations.10 It’s luxury that has your back—and all your other sides, too.

Available Adaptive Cruise Control With Stop-And-Go

Features that go with the flow.

Now, navigating traffic can feel a little bit more effortless. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go marries cameras and radar, enabling the Continental to sense the pace of nearby cars and react accordingly.

Exterior Design

Calm, cool and decidedly Continental.

With an athletic grace, confident presence and sleek flowing lines that long only for new horizons, the Lincoln Continental is a remarkably soothing drive.

Lincoln Signature Grille


The bold new one-piece front grille – featuring a distinctive Lincoln Star mesh – is designed to turn heads and widen eyes.

E-latch Door Handle

A magic touch.

Each innovative E-latch door handle hosts a small button that, when given a simple touch, unlatches the door electronically – allowing it to be opened in single smooth motion without interrupting the Continental’s long, flowing lines.

Available Perfect Position Seat

Welcome to your comfort zone.

The available Perfect Position Seat in the Continental is refreshingly customizable, and features thigh extenders that can be easily adjusted to maximize comfort – as if you needed any more reasons to never get out.


Hands-free. Perfectly handled.

As it should, passenger safety has a way of making music choices, phone calls and text messages seem a little less attention-worthy. SYNC® 3, our voice-activated technology, can handle all of that hands-free, so you can keep your hands on the wheel.

Available Rear-Seat Amenities Pack

A back seat that simply doesn’t take one.

A back seat that simply doesn’t take one.

Available Revel® Audio System

Elevate your ears.

With 19 expertly placed speakers in the available Revel® Audio Ultima® System, not to mention 3 different listening modes, the Continental lets you hear your music as never before. And with precision-milled speaker covers seamlessly integrated into the doors, we’ve ensured even the design hits all the right notes.

Seat Controls

Lift just a finger.

Comfort should never be at arm’s length, which is why our thoughtful designers went so far as to mount the seat controls right in the door – to harmonize with the movements of the driver. And the buttons themselves—both their physical spacing and feel—have undergone the same careful consideration as the rest of the vehicle.

Wood Design

A console that’s the center of attention.

The Continental’s interior design is a study in seamlessness. So much so that you’ll discover even the slats of the sliding tambour door – found in the center console – have been laser-cut from a single piece of wood to ensure an elegant appearance and smooth retraction when in and out of use.

Bridge of Weir™ Deepsoft Leather

Even sitting down is a step above.

Scotland’s Bridge of Weir leather has long been a supplier of fine automotive upholstering and now Lincoln has invited them to bring their soft, supple leather to a new symbol of first-class international travel.

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